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Trauma Services - St. Cloud Hospital

trauma services

Trauma, whether it be intentional or unintentional, is consistently one of the leading causes of death. Traumatic injuries are categorized as any physical injury that is caused by an external mechanism.

St. Cloud Hospital has been a Level II Trauma Center since 1998. In order to be verified as Level II, the hospital must meet the national criteria and standards of care recommended by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Committee on Trauma.

The criteria includes having the capabilities to staff the Emergency Room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, along with Trauma Surgeons available within 15 minutes of patient arrival. Lastly it is important for St. Cloud Hospital to be a lead Trauma Center within Central Minnesota by including smaller surrounding hospitals in outreach programs.

Additional focuses of a verified Trauma Center include providing performance improvement programs, injury prevention programs, transfer agreements with surrounding facilities, designated Medical Directors and/or Program Managers, and a system set up that is able to collect patient data and later be submitted to state and national data centers. These programs and services can be accessed through Trauma Services at St. Cloud Hospital.

Additional roles of Trauma Services include the care of a patient from the moment that individual arrives until the patient is discharged. The continuity of care is very important to the patient’s outcome. Trauma Services takes pride in the system that has been created and the strong collaborative relationships within the region.

Trauma Registry

Trauma Registry is a collection of disease-specific data that describes injury event, demographics, pre- hospital, diagnosis, care issues, outcomes and cost. The Trauma Registrar puts all injury information into a database, scores injuries based on severity and prepares reports for the hospital trauma service. Data collection is completed after the discharge of the patients.

Once the data is collected and reviewed for accuracy the information is sent to the Minnesota State Trauma Registry and the National Trauma Data Bank for benchmarking. The goal for data collection is to improve how trauma care is delivered and decrease mortality and morbidity of the trauma patient.

Please contact the Trauma Registrar at 320-251-2700, ext. 54269, with report requests or any other questions you may have regarding the trauma registry at the St. Cloud Hospital.

Central Region Trauma Advisory Committee (CENTRAC)

The Central Region Trauma Advisory Committee (CENTRAC) was formed to guide trauma care to critically injured patients in Central Minnesota. The CENTRAC will advise, consult with and make recommendations to the Statewide Trauma Advisory Committee (STAC) based on regional needs.

CENTRAC establishes and promotes a regional system of trauma care services within Central Minnesota. This system provides timely and appropriate delivery of optimal trauma medical treatment for people with acute traumatic injury, and recognizes the change in methods and environment for providing optimal trauma care throughout the region.

Having an understanding about the different needs within the region is very important. Therefore, CENTRAC has introduced an injury prevention program titled EVERYTIME. The EVERYTIME Program has been implemented in a number of high schools throughout the region for teen drivers. The goal is to raise awareness and the use of seatbelts, as well as eliminating accidents caused by distracted driving and texting. The students are provided with pledge cards and thumb bands to remind them of their commitment to not drink and drive, text and drive and to wear their seatbelt EVERYTIME they get behind the wheel. For a sample of the thumb band, pledge card, DVD or other information on the promotion of distracted driving, call 320- 251-2700, ext. 53807.

Physicians & Staff

The role of the medical director includes being the medical advisor of trauma patient care from the time of injury to the time of discharge. He is responsible for physician trauma education and outreach to the referring region. 320-255-5617

  • Trauma Director, Tami Bong, MSN, RN

The role of the trauma director includes working with the American College of Surgeons on the verification process as well as the management of the Trauma Program. 320-255-5617

This role works in augmenting the trauma surgeons practice by assisting with admissions, clinical rounds and discharges of the trauma patients. We are excited to provide this additional professional service to our trauma patients. 320-251-2700, ext. 53098

  • Trauma Outreach Educator, Brenda Liestman, RN

The outreach educator works closely with the surrounding Hospitals and EMS groups within the region by providing educational opportunities. 320-251-2700, ext. 53392

  • Injury Prevention Specialist, Melissa Hjelle

Injury prevention incorporates different types of programs offered to the community and region that are helping reduce injuries before they occur. 320-251-2700, ext. 53807

  • Trauma Registrar, Cindy Paul, CSTR, Carissa Wilcox

Trauma registrar is responsible for accurate reporting of injury details as well as the injury severity score on all trauma patients. 320-251-2700, ext. 54269

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