CentraCare Administration

  • Kenneth Holmen, MD
    Kenneth Holmen, MD
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Joe Kalkman
    Joseph (Joe) Kalkman
    Executive Vice President
    Chief Administrative Officer/
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Tom Schrup
    Tom Schrup, MD, MBA
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Physician Officer
  • Mike Blair
    Mike Blair
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Financial Officer
  • headshot placeholder image
    Santo Cruz
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Legal Officer
  • Anthony Gardner
    Anthony Gardner
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Amy Porwoll
    Amy Porwoll
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Information Officer
  • Lynn McFarling, MD
    Lynn McFarling, MD
    Vice President
    Chief Medical Information Officer
  • Kathy Parsons
    Kathy Parsons
    Vice President
    Population Health
  • Kay Greenlee, RN
    Kay Greenlee, RN
    Vice President
    Performance Excellence
  • George Morris, MD
    George Morris, MD
    Physician Vice President
    Performance Excellence
  • Joe Hellie
    Joe Hellie
    Vice President
    Strategy and Network Development
  • Dave Larson
    Dave Larson
    Vice President
    Facilities Management
  • Brad Konkler
    Brad Konkler
    Vice President
  • Joy Plamann
    Joy Plamann, DNP, MBA, RN, BC
    Senior Vice President, Central Operations
    President, CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital
  • Phil Luitjens
    Phil Luitjens
    Vice President
    Acute Care Division
  • Mark Matthias, MD
    Mark Matthias, MD
    Physician Vice President
    Acute Care Division
  • Diane Buschena-Brenna
    Diane Buschena-Brenna
    Vice President
    Ambulatory Care Division
  • Joe Blonski, MD
    Joe Blonski, MD
    Physician Vice President
    Ambulatory Division
  • Matthew Kunkel
    Matthew Kunkel
    Vice President
    Specialty Care Division
  • Christopher Boelter, MD
    Christopher Boelter, MD
    Physician Vice President
    Specialty Care Division
  • John Hering, MD
    John Hering, MD
    Chief Medical Officer
    CentraCare – Monticello
  • Cindy Firkins Smith, MD
    Cindy Firkins Smith, MD
    Senior Vice President Rural Health
  • Bryan Lydick
    Bryan Lydick
    Executive Director, Rural Health,
    Southwestern Region
  • Ulrika Wigert, MD
    Ulrika Wigert, MD
    Executive Director, Physician Dyad Lead, Western Region Rural Health
  • Bryan Bauck
    Bryan Bauck
    Executive Director, Rural Health
    Western Region
  • Debra Peterson, MD
    Debra Peterson, MD
    Executive Director, Physician Dyad Lead,
    Southwestern Region Rural Health
  • Carnie Allex
    Carnie Allex
    President, CentraCare - Redwood
  • Michael Schramm
    Michael Schramm
    President, CentraCare - Willmar
  • Brandon Pietsch
    Brandon Pietsch
    President, CentraCare - Paynesville
  • Jose Alba
    Jose Alba, MBA, FACHE
    President, CentraCare - Long Prairie