Patient Stories

Cataract Surgery & Other Eye Services

Eyesight can be central to wellbeing. CentraCare Eye Center has supported the vision of thousands of people in Central Minnesota. Read some of their success stories related to cataract surgery and other eye problems:

Brian Hart

“Have confidence in your ophthalmologist, your ability to recover and the excellent services at CentraCare Eye Center.”

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Terri Mische

“It is truly a gift to see again without the use of glasses.”

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Linda C.

“Eyesight is a gift, and after my cataract surgery, I have 20/20 vision. I feel like I have the vision of a teenager again!”

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Peggy Arseneau

“It was amazing. My eye surgeon absolutely came through with everything he said he was going to do.”

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Abel Vargas

“I go out at night to see the moon and during the day I look up and see the sun — it’s like I’m newly born.”

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