Structural Heart & Valve Clinic

The Structural Heart & Valve Clinic at CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center offers innovative treatment options for people with abnormalities of the heart’s valves or chambers that occur at the time of birth or with age.

We provide safe and effective treatment for those who are low, intermediate or high risk for certain surgical (open heart) valve procedures. As part of an elite group, we provide timely patient care, safe outcomes and patient follow-up from time of initial diagnosis through the first year after the procedure.

Why Choose Us?

  • A multidisciplinary, team-based approach allows us to bring you the best plan of care and advanced technologies.
  • We offer all diagnostic testing and consultation in one location, but also extend some services to our outreach sites where we are able to manage your symptoms and follow your recovery at a site close to where you live.
  • Our program has grown quickly and continues to expand rapidly, making us one of the largest programs in the state. Given our success, we are known throughout Minnesota, the surrounding states and even nationwide for great care and excellent outcomes.
  • We continue to show leadership in our transcatheter treatment options. In fact, our Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) program was ranked as “high performing” in 2023 by U.S. News & World Report.
  • We were the first in the world to use 4D hologram technology to successfully complete a WATCHMAN procedure, reducing procedure time, improving the accuracy of the procedure, reducing risk of complications and hastening recovery.

Our Team

If you have questions about our program, we would be happy to assist you. Please call us at 320-293-0750 or email us.