Patient Stories - Hospice

Uplifting Stories: Maximizing End-of-Life Joy and Comfort

The stories of patients and families that have benefited from hospice care are as heartwarming and rewarding as any at CentraCare. Those who work and volunteer at hospice are commonly called “angels on earth.” The stories below illustrate the special relationship between patients, families and hospice caregivers.

Beverly’s Story

Read how a family honors their mother and grandmother while raising money for a good cause.

Irene’s Story

See how CentraCare Hospice's Music Therapy program provided hope and healing Irene.

Katie’s Story

CentraCare Hospice made life easier for the Huhta family and their daughter, Katie, who passed away from cancer at age 12.

Brian and Pat’s Story

The care received by Brian and Pat (and their families) offers a glimpse into the quality of care provided by CentraCare Hospice.

Music Therapy Brings Joy to Patient and Spouse

Music therapy is one of the “above and beyond” services provided by CentraCare Hospice.

Creating a Lasting Presence

Hospice helped Heidi Deters enjoy her last days and months with her husband and young children.

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