We Honor Veterans

Central Minnesota Veteran Care

Serving your country is the ultimate sacrifice and you deserve the best of care.

CentraCare is a proud partner of We Honor Veterans, a pioneering campaign developed by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

We have met stringent training requirements to improve the care provided to the veterans we proudly serve. Each year more than 25 percent of those who die in the United States are veterans.

  • Veterans share a unique culture from their war experiences, and these experiences may greatly impact end-of-life care.
  • The concept of stoicism (an indifference to pleasure or pain) is taught to soldiers for a valuable reason on the battlefield, but not dealing with pain at end of life can interfere with peaceful dying or effective bereavement.
  • Some veterans who served in a dangerous duty assignment might have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). If PTSD surfaces at the end of life, staff needs to be prepared to respond to the veteran’s needs.
  • Many hospice agencies utilize veterans and their family as hospice volunteers. Pairing a veteran volunteer with a dying veteran often results in a mutual camaraderie and brotherhood.
  • One simple, but important question we ask upon admission to our agency is: “Have you served our country?” This question can alert our staff to perform a “Military History Checklist” to assure the veteran is connected to the VA for benefits.
  • Another important component of We Honor Veterans is to “thank” veterans for serving our country. A certificate is created with their name and service category and a small ceremony is conducted with family and staff to present the certificate.

“The We Honor Veterans ceremony held the day he passed meant so much to us.” ~ Family of Andy Oravetz

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