Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Who Can Use Medical Alert Service Products?

A. Anyone is eligible for service. You do not need a physician’s order to begin service.

Q. Who Could Benefit from a Personal Emergency Response System?

A. Personal Emergency Response Systems are recommended for individuals who:

  • Want peace of mind about their health, safety and security
  • Live alone or are by themselves for three or more hours per day
  • Experience muscle weakness or mobility problems
  • Have difficulty climbing in or out of the tub
  • Use a cane, walker or wheelchair
  • Get out of bed during the night to use the bathroom
  • Have a history of falling or dizziness
  • Are recovering from surgery
  • Have been hospitalized in the past year
  • Have vision problems
  • Have a chronic illness such as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kidney failure, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis or incontinence

If more than one of these statements is true, it may be time to consider a help button from Medical Alert Service.

Q. Who Could Benefit from a Medication Dispenser?

A. Medication Dispensers are recommended for individuals who:

  • Take more than three medications per day
  • Take some pills once per day, some twice per day or more, and have to remember which is which
  • Have trouble recognizing pills or managing prescriptions
  • Have trouble opening the medication containers
  • Have problems understanding the health care provider and/or pharmacist and need assistance with their medications
  • Sometimes take less medications than prescribed for financial concerns
  • Find pills in a pocket or on the floor that were missed or dropped
  • Keep medications in different places around the house
  • Find it difficult to remember how or why they are taking some medications

If more than one of these statements is true, it may be time to consider a medication dispenser from Medical Alert Service.

Q. How Much Does It Cost?

A. Costs for our personal emergency response systems vary depending on the piece of equipment and features you choose. Competitively priced to match the market, monthly fees range from $35 - $55 per month. Service is provided on a month to month basis with no long-term contracts or installation fees. With each new account, there is a one-time registration fee of $40. There is no charge to switch to a different piece of equipment and we do not charge a termination fee.

For less than to cost of leasing a medication dispenser for one year, our Medication Dispenser is available for purchase at a one-time cost of $399.

Special needs and accessory items may be available upon request. Please contact our offices for further detail.

Q. Do I Need to Sign a Long-Term Contract?

A. No. We offer our service on a month-to-month basis. You may start and end service whenever needed.

Q. Do You Have Special Offers or Promotions?

A. Throughout the year we do have special offers and promotions. Call us at 320-255-5700 or 800-835-6652, ext. 55700, to learn more.

Q. If I Press My Help Button, Will the Ambulance Be Sent Automatically?

A. No. When you press your help button, you’ll be connected immediately to one of our operators. Our dedicated, supportive operator will talk directly to you to determine proper action. If emergency services are needed, they will be dispatched right away. If it is not an emergency, but assistance is still needed, we will contact the personal responders (family member, neighbor, friend, etc.) you designated to come and assist you.

Q. What if I Push My Button and Can’t Communicate with the Operator?

A. Prior to installing equipment, we work together with you to establish a protocol of whom to contact and in what order. If we receive a signal from your button, but you do not answer, we will immediately begin following your unique protocol.

Q. What if I Activate My Help Button by Mistake?

A. This occasionally happens. When our operator talks to you over the two-way speaker, simply tell them you accidentally bumped your help button.

Q. Can the Button Be Used Outside My Home?

A. We offer several different options of emergency response systems. Some are “home-based” or used primarily in the home. We also offer mobile systems which operate off of cellular networks and have the capability of working throughout the United States.

Q. How Does a Medication Dispenser Work?

A. Our medication dispensers organize, remind, and dispense medications, ensuring medication is taken correctly. The unit is customizable as medications change and can be programmed to dose up to six times per day. When it is time for your medication, our dispenser will alert you through an audible and visual alarm consisting of a loud beep and flashing light. To stop the alarm and remove the pills, just tip the device. Take your pills as instructed by your physician. Convenient and easy-to-use, our dispensers ensure the right amount of medication is taken on-time, every time.

Q. How Is Equipment Installed?

A. In most instances, we are able to send a trained installer to your home to set up equipment. Typically, equipment can be installed within three to five days upon completing an intake. If equipment does need to be mailed for a self-installation, a toll free 24-hour phone number is provided. When ready to install, we will walk through the process step-by-step together with you.

Q. How Do I Get More Information About the Program and How Do I Start Service?

A. Call CentraCare Medical Alert Service at 320-255-5700 or 800-835-6652, ext. 55700, for more information or to begin service. You can also email us at or complete our online form.

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