Joint Replacement Patient Education

Are you planning to have a total joint replacement?

We have resources, including a virtual joint replacement class, to help you learn about your procedure.

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Total Joint Replacement
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It is highly recommended that all joint replacement patients and their caregivers attend a class before surgery. Going through education before your joint replacement improves your outcomes such as shorter length of stay and fewer complications. If you’re not able to attend in person, this series of 8 short videos will help you learn what to expect before your surgery, during your hospital stay, and when you return home. Topics covered include pain management, physical therapy exercises, equipment and more.

In partnership with numerous orthopedic physician groups, CentraCare provides orthopedic care in nearly ten communities in Central, West Central and Southwest Minnesota and has an experienced team of specialists to be your trusted partner through the process. Using the latest technology available, our focus is on you and your goals of an active lifestyle.

Joint Replacement Videos

Chapter 1 – Your Guide to a Successful Surgery and Recovery

Chapter 2 – Preparing for Surgery

Chapter 3 – At the Hospital

Chapter 4 – At Home

Chapter 5 – Exercise & Mobility

Chapter 6 – Exercises

Chapter 7 – Using a Walker

Chapter 8 – Daily Activity Guide

Note: this information is a learning tool and should not be used as a substitute for medical or professional advice. If you have questions, please ask your doctor.

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