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Gaining on Pain: Reason for Optimism

Many have come to the CentraCare Neurosciences Pain Center in search of pain relief — and many have found just that. Here are some success stories.

Tammy Ahmann

“My shoulders dropped over an inch … I couldn’t believe it … my neck was moving … my headache was gone. I was in shock.”

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Tammy Ahmann and husband

Barbara Klein

“I never would have expected that in one month I’d be where I am right now. My husband and I can now ride the Harley and spend more time together doing what we enjoy.”

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Lisa Pemble

“I think the way they did things was great. I got to do it all in one day and got answers. I would definitely recommend this team approach.”

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Lisa Pemble

Jake Johnson

“It certainly has changed my life. I wouldn't hesitate to do it all again.”

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John Wilen

“It’s amazing how many more things I’m capable of doing. I would tell other pain patients to not give up. There is hope.”

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"Dr. Kaul was awesome and took the time to look at me as an individual."
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