Bibiana Gazett

St. Peter's Church

When I spoke with Bibiana (Bea) Gazett, she said her parents named her after the Saint of the Day on which she was born, a common practice in Catholic homes. Bibiana attended St. Francis School of Nursing in Breckenridge. She worked at St. Gabriel Hospital in Little Falls for 10 years, then 30 years at the St. Cloud Hospital as a Surgical Care Nurse in Post-Surgical Care. She knew Connie Moline well as a parishioner and a nurse. Connie had started parish nursing at St. Peter’s in 1996 and Bibiana says “Connie prayed that I would become a parish nurse for a year” because “she needed a helper”. She took the parish nurse course at St. Ben’s in 1998. Bibiana says “Connie was my Mother Teresa”. “I am a giver, I have passion for parish nursing and I get joy and fulfillment from doing something for others.” She was fortunate to have a team of three parish nurses, with Marva Jorgensen and Connie.

She goes to most parish funerals and wakes even if she does not know the family to offer her caring presence, listen to their story, and say a kind word about the person. She says she receives a lot more than she gives in her interactions and feels she is a connection to the church for people. She has done a lot of home visiting and considers it one of the most inspiring aspects of her ministry. She relates that Fr. Gregory Leiser was very supportive of parish nursing in his years as Pastor when she started. He was a mentor as he always found good in everyone and it “was easy” to fulfill the mission with his support. In addition to her nursing career, Bibiana was a caregiver to her mother, family members and friends all along the way. Parish Nursing was a natural progression for her. At St. Peter’s, Connie took care of the paperwork and she was able to do what she loved, visiting people at home, hospital, and nursing home. In those early years they had a “Care Call” system where parishioners could be called daily. She considers herself a good listener, able to “be there and hold a hand” for people and made AM calls to some older church members for years. She took people to church services when they did not have a ride, to apts. such as dentist, eye doctor, in addition to being a Greeter and Eucharistic Minister at her church.

Bibiana says she has a daily prayer plan. She does not turn on her TV or radio until after 4 PM and focuses on the Spiritual all day. Mass and saying the Rosary are regular and she recommends a book her son, James, gave her, “Jesus Calling” Enjoying Peace in His Presence which is a 365 Day Devotional focusing her on her relationship with Jesus each day. It is available at Walmart.

A tidbit about Bibiana is that she has a sister, who is a few years older and is also a parish nurse, Elvira Stumpf of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Pierz. She always looked up to Elvira. Bibiana attributes credit to her mom, Connie Moline, and Mother Teresa, all of whom have inspired her as mentors, as well as thanking her children, John, Anne, and James for their support.

Another tidbit, Bibiana has a nephew in Pierz, Elvira’s son, who raises sweet corn. He delivers sacks of corn in the fall and Bibiana delivers it to parishioners she has known over the years who look forward to her coming. “They love the treat”.

She says, Connie always told her to see Jesus in everyone, even if you are having a hard time with that person, especially if you are having a hard time. Be a servant here on earth. Bibiana is a servant in her role as parish nurse.

Bibiana turned 80 on Dec. 2, 2013. What a blessing she is. She would humbly say, “I am blessed” by the work I do as a Parish Nurse.