Faith Community Nursing

Faith Community Nurse Partnership of Central MN Group Meetings Information

FCN meetings are held the second Tuesday every other month. There are often educational opportunities and CEUs offered. View latest meetings calendar via Google Docs.

December Meeting:
Cannibas Education: What Faith Communities Need to Know
Tues., Dec. 12 - 9: 30 to 11 a.m. - Available In-Person and Virtually
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Committee Information:

  • President: Kari Salzer, FCN, St. Joseph
  • Secretary: Carol Englehart, FCN, Grace Methodist Church, St. Cloud

Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Class - Spring 2024
Virtual Class Scheduled for Apr. 28, 29 & May 5, 6
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• For currently licensed RNs who want to practice as Faith Community Nurses. This class (offered online) includes 36.5 contact hours. Please see links above for more information. Please contact for additional questions.
• The Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course is based on the curriculum developed through the Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing, which is owned by Church Health of Memphis, Inc., 1350 Concourse Ave., Ste. 142, Memphis, TN 38104.

In faith community nursing, clients work with specially trained nurses who integrate spiritual care with health care to create a more holistic healing experience. Faith community nursing plays a role in the broader dimension of congregational ministries by bringing a registered nurse to the ministry team. This provides a unique blend of nursing and ministry. However, one does not need to be connected with a faith community to become a Faith Community Nurse. For more information, please see our Becoming a Faith Community Nurse webpage.

Congratulations to New Faith Community Nurses!

The following nursing professionals have recently taken on additional training to be leaders in their faith communities, known as Integrators of Faith and Health. These individuals completed the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing class.

Faith community nursing is a specialized area of professional nursing recognized by the American Nurses Association. The class members who were commissioned include:

May 2023 - Review newsletter to learn more

  • Candy Janes, FL
  • Deb Moengen, MN*
  • Elizabeth Jones, GA
  • Erica Keppers, MN
  • Felecia Buchanan, NC
  • Jessi Garcia, MN
  • Joyce Uselman, MN
  • Lindsey Anderson, IL
  • Mary Ann Oltz, MN*
  • Nancy Schoener, NY
  • Randii Merrell, MN
  • Tamara Welle, MN*
  • Terri McCaffrey, MN
  • Traci Moreland, MN

November 2022 - Review newsletter to learn more

  • Melissa Brinegar - VA
  • Rose Dwyer - MN
  • Jennifer Fletcher - WA
  • Janell Hoffman - MN
  • Vanessa Mensen - MN

*CentraCare employee

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