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Find an FCN By City

Review the following information to find a Faith Community Nurse in Central Minnesota.

Church of St. Mary (Catholic)
FCN: Kathryn Fischer
Church Office: 320-763-5781

FCN: Barbara Friederichs

First Lutheran Church (Lutheran)
FCN: Valaurie Trumm
Church Office: 320-762-2196

Belle Prairie
Holy Family (Catholic)
FCN: Kirstie Bingham
Church Office: 320-632-5720

Blue Grass
St. Hubert Catholic Church (Catholic)
FCN: Lela Platt
Church Office: 218-445-5204

St. John the Baptist (Catholic)
FCN: Joyce Uselman
Church Office: 218-385-2608

St. Stanislaus (Catholic)
FCN: Janelle Maciej
Church Office: 320-228-0105

St. Ann (Catholic)
FCN: Peggy Grecula
Church Office: 320-834-5095

St. John’s Lutheran (Lutheran)
FCN: Sandi Baert
Church Office: 763-682-1883

Clear Lake
St. Marcus (Catholic)
FCN: Bridget Huber
Church Office: 320-743-2481

Cold Spring
Peace Lutheran (Lutheran)
FCN: Ellen Ellickson
Church Office: 320-685-7656

St. Bonifice (Catholic)
FCN: Angie Moscho
Church Office: 320-685-3280

Elk River
Church of St. Andrew (Catholic)
FCN: Betsy Clark
Church Office: 763-441-1483

St. John’s Church (Catholic)
FCN: Jan Johnson
Church Office: 320-968-7913

FCN: Joyce Simones

St. Louis Bertrand Church (Catholic)
FCN: Barb Kotsmith
Church Office: 320-294-5460

St. Francis of Assisi Parish (Catholic)
FCN: Rebecca Schmidt
Church Office: 320-573-2132

Community Country Church (Conservative Congregational)
FCN: Deb Thomalla
Church Office: 320-746-0005

Hubbard United Methodist (Methodist)
FCN: Deb Haagenson
Church Office: 218-732-0224

Little Falls
First Lutheran Church (Lutheran)
FCN: Tracy Moe
Church Office: 320-632-6667

Our Lady of Lourdes (Catholic)
FCN: Bev Arndt
Church Office: 320-632-8243

FCN: Peggy Martin
Church Office: 320-632-8243

Long Prairie
Trinity Lutheran (Lutheran)
FCN: Rona Bleess
Church Office: 320-732-2238

Assumption of Our Lady (Catholic)
FCN: Lela Platt
Church Office: 218-445-5204

Milaca Evangelical Free Church (Evangelical)
FCN: Allison Jergens
Church Office: 320-982-3217

St. Mary’s Church (Catholic)
FCN: Barb Kotsmith
Church Office: 320-983-3255

Our Lady of Seven Dolors (Catholic)
FCN: Peggy Grecula
Church Office: 320-876-2240

Motley Free Methodist (Motley)
FCN: Jennifer Michalson
Church Office: 218-352-6888

FCN: Susan Newkirk
Church Office: 218-352-6888

Parkers Prairie
St. William (Catholic)
FCN: Peggy Grecula
Church Office: 218-338-2761

Park Rapids

Faithbridge Church (Baptist)
Rebecca Anderson


Fellowship Bible Church
FCN: May Schomer
FCN: Sheila Klous

Immanuel Lutheran Church (Lutheran)
FCN: Amanda Noaeill
Church Office: 763-389-1420

Park Fellowship (Evangelical)
FCN: Norma Dalton
Church Office: 320-281-3201

Riverside (Presbyterian)
FCN: Chris Jones
Church Office: 320-251-5801

St. Francis Xavier (Catholic)
FCN: Julie Kouba
Church Office: 320-252-1363

FCN: Karen Reinholz
Church Office: 320-252-1363

FCN: Bev Wiehoff
Church Office: 320-252-1363

The Waters (Assembly of God)
FCN: Kari Nelson
Church Office: 320-291-0202

Sauk Centre
St. Paul's Catholic Church
FCN: Tami Rieland
Church Office: 320-352-2196

Zion Lutheran Church LCMS (Lutheran)
FCN: Mary Scott
Church Office: 320-352-3447

Sauk Rapids
Church of the Annunciation (Catholic)
FCN: Elizabeth Kosiba
Church Office: 320-252-1729

Living Waters Lutheran Church (Lutheran)
FCN: Carolyn Neubauer
Church Office: 320-255-1135

FCN: Melissa Pedersen
Church Office: 320-255-1135

St. Cloud
Grace United Methodist (Methodist)
FCN: Carol Engelhart
Church Office: 320-251-2153

St. Anthony of Padua (Catholic)
FCN: Nancy Zaczkowski
Church Office: 320-251-5966

St. Joseph
Church of St. Joseph (Catholic)
FCN: Marjorie Henkemeyer
Church Office: 320-363-4599

Sacred Heart (Catholic)
FCN: Peggy Grecula
Church Office: 218-267-2661

St. Frederick (Catholic)
FCN: Lela Platt
Church Office: 218-445-5204

St. Ann’s (Catholic)
FCNs: Joyce Uselman & Mary Jorgenson
Church Office: 218-631-1593

Other Members:
Kate Theisen