Patient Stories - Stroke Care

Stroke survivors share their experiences

Dan’s Story

Dan Barth

Dan shares with us his stroke journey, including the events leading up to his stroke, what he did when he identified the symptoms, his experience healing and what he credits his positive outcome to. He also shares a special message for you and your loved ones.

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Steve’s Story

Steve Larson

Signs of Steve’s stroke were gradual — that’s why he didn’t seek immediate medical care. He recalls thinking since his face didn’t change, he probably wasn’t suffering a stroke.

“Having a stroke is a major change in a person’s life like getting married or having children,” acknowledged the grandfather of three. “In my case, I couldn’t walk on my own. I realized that it was going to be a real challenge.”

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Courtney’s Story

“Courtney had a life-threatening bleed that, if not treated immediately, she may not have survived. We were able to treat her here very quickly and because of that she made a miraculous recovery,” said her neurologist, M. Fareed Suri, MBBS.

“They [the caregiver team] told my family that if I had not been at St. Cloud Hospital that day, I wouldn’t have survived,” said Courtney. “I had minutes to spare.”

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Sue’s Story

Thanks to her husband’s quick response to call 911, and her successful operation to treat the stroke, Sue is enjoying life with family.

Rae’s Story

Rae was talking with her son when he recognized that something was not quite right. Using telemedicine in the Emergency Room, CentraCare treated her stroke and she is back to being an active mother to 4 adult children, 11 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.

Jennie’s Story

After suffering a severe stroke, quick recognition and emergency treatment helped minimize disability and get Jennie, 43, back to life.

LeAnn’s Story

LeAnn suffered a type of stroke that is more rare and devastating than a normal stroke. Placed into a medical-induced coma, LeAnn’s condition was dire and her future ominous. Today, she’s walking, talking and getting stronger every day.

Nancy’s Story

Nancy got help in time when she was having a stroke because of a refrigerator magnet.

Jeff’s Story

Jeff tells how his young daughters saved his life — and his brain — following a stroke.

Angela’s Story

“I work in health care and even when they were telling me I had a stroke, I thought they were overreacting. I was young, active and had good cholesterol. Strokes were for old people,” said Angela Gross, 39

Jim’s Story

As a farmer by trade and avid fisherman, Jim McNally, from Winona, knows firsthand that timing is everything. This proved especially true while Jim was enjoying a weekend of fishing with friends near Alexandria in February 2014.

Kathryn’s Story

Days before, Kathryn had awakened with a blinding headache before suffering a stroke. Thanks to the quick action of her family, Kathryn recovered and is here to tell her story.

Lou’s Story

Lou and Kylee’s bond is even stronger after Kylee saved her grandmother’s life following a stroke.

Deloris’ Story

Deloris is one of more than 40 people who have used telestroke services now available in rural Central Minnesota through CentraCare – Long Prairie.