CentraCare Neurosciences Stroke Center provides telestroke services in the region to help patients experiencing a stroke receive treatment as quickly as possible and reduce the effects of stroke.

What is telestroke?

TeleStroke web team at CentraCare speaking with a patient in a hospital bed

Telestroke is a form of virtual health that helps patients from areas outside of St. Cloud have emergent stroke care available immediately. Patients who go to a hospital that has telestroke connect in real time with a stroke and vascular neurologist from St. Cloud Hospital. Some patients may need to come to St. Cloud Hospital for further care, but many can stay at their local hospitals, close to home.

How does telestroke help patients?

Telestroke speeds up treatment decisions, which improve patient outcomes. One example is a treatment such as intravenous thrombolytics, which are also called “clot busters,” that can quickly be administered to break up the clots that cause some strokes.

Watch this video to learn how this helps patients experiencing stroke symptoms.

Where is telestroke available?

The Stroke Center at St. Cloud Hospital is happy to partner with many local hospitals throughout the region to provide telestroke.

Telestroke is available in the following locations:

Current CentraCare Telestroke Locations

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