Central Minnesota Women’s Health Services

Meeting the Complex & Changing Health Care Needs of Women

Women of all ages deserve access to high-quality health services from a compassionate team that is committed to caring for your needs. Our women's health physicians and care teams' partner with you to provide primary, specialty, and preventive services that meet your unique needs from adolescence to mature adulthood.

Breast Care

Keeping up with your breast health is important. Our breast care services include breast cancer detection, education, support groups, screening and diagnostic mammogram services and more.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Our experienced OB/GYN team members provide diagnosis and treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions unique to women. From menstrual and menopausal care, gynecologic exams and procedures, treatment for pelvic pain and fibroids, routine and high-risk pregnancy care, and healthy aging, our Obstetrics & Gynecology professionals are here for you.

Sexual Health

The Sexual Health department focuses on reproductive medicine. We provide treatment for sexual dysfunction and fertility preservation services. We also offer counseling services where you can ask specific questions in a discrete, respectful environment.

Pregnancy Care

It's important to receive pregnancy care for you and your baby, even before you bring your little one into the world. Regular visits with your healthcare provider are important throughout your pregnancy. This is an exciting time and CentraCare has healthcare professionals in OB/GYN and Family Medicine who provide the best pregnancy care possible.

Nurse Midwifery

CentraCare's certified nurse midwives are licensed healthcare practitioners educated in nursing and midwifery. They provide prenatal care services and help women throughout their pregnancy, labor, delivery, and after birth journey. Midwives can also provide routine gynecologic care for women of all ages.

Birthing Services

Pregnancy and birth are one of life's biggest moments, and the CentraCare team is here to help you through it. Our birthing services at locations throughout greater Minnesota are customized to serve your unique needs in a safe environment while ensuring you get the best care possible.

Mental Health

Your mental health plays an important role in your overall health and well-being. There are many ways to help care for your mental health and improve your quality of life. Everyone is different, and it's important to get the support that's right for you. CentraCare's team of behavioral health experts provides services for women of all ages.

Eating Disorders

Treating an eating disorder often requires a strong support system. At CentraCare, our Eating Disorders Program connects patients with experienced psychologists who can help you address the mental and physical challenges that contributed to your eating disorders. We serve all patients with compassion and discretion.

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