Volunteering & Animal-Assisted Therapy

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Volunteer handler and certified animal will work with patients in a specific treatment modality based on a written individualized treatment plan/goal or to promote improvement in human physical, social, emotional and/or cognitive functioning.

Animal-assisted therapy teams (animal and handler) must meet requirements and complete specific certifications in order to volunteer at CentraCare facilities. Please contact your regional volunteer program (see contact information below) to learn more about the requirements for the location you would like to serve.

Contact a Volunteer Program representative before pursuing any certification. CentraCare policy outlines requirements animal-assisted therapy teams must complete in order to volunteer. Animal-assisted therapy teams invest their own time and resources to be able to volunteer and the Volunteer Program offers guidance to minimize wasted resources/time.

Contact our Volunteer Offices
• CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital: 320-255-5638 | email
• CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospice: 320-240-3276 | email
• CentraCare – Long Prairie: 320-351-1798 | email
• CentraCare – Melrose: 320-352-2221, ext. 21828 | email
• CentraCare – Monticello: 763-271-1372 | email
• CentraCare – Paynesville: 320-243-7750 | email
• CentraCare – Redwood Hospital & Hospice: 507-637-4500, ext. 47482 | email
• CentraCare – Sauk Centre: 320-351-1798 | email
• CentraCare – Willmar: 320-231-4286 | email
• CentraCare – Willmar Hospice: 320-231-4433 | email