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Review Some Common Questions About Volunteering at CentraCare

Q: What happens after I apply?
There are four steps:

  1. Interview
  2. Background Study
  3. Medical Clearance
  4. Orientation and Training

After your application is received and processed, if the information you provide indicates a match to the positions available, you will be contacted for an interview. At this time you will discuss your application, schedule, specific interest and available opportunities.

After the interview, you will receive instructions for completing the next steps which include background study, medical clearance, and orientation (computerized education and Volunteer Office visit). Upon successful completion of these steps, you will be ready for position specific training.

Q: How long does the application process take? Can I start volunteering this week?
For your health and safety and the health and safety of patients, guests, employees and other volunteers — there are required items that must be completed before you can start volunteering. Becoming a volunteer takes a minimum of 3-4 weeks and in some cases longer. We understand the process for becoming a volunteer is unique and the Volunteer Program is here to help you navigate the process to become a volunteer.

Q: Do you require a COVID-19 vaccination for volunteers?
No. Healthcare workers — including volunteers — are required to provide proof of immunity against the following diseases: measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chicken pox), diphtheria and pertussis.

Q: I want to work with babies. Is that possible?
We do not have a baby rocking program. Positions with infants are very popular and openings are infrequent. Openings are first offered to current volunteers who have provided at least 50 hours of service.

Q: Can I volunteer on evenings and weekends?
Evening and weekend opportunities are limited.

Q: Can I volunteer and fulfill some community service or court-ordered service hours?
A: It depends. We are not able to accept volunteers with misdemeanor or felony charges other than minor driving violations. If you need to fulfill some community service hours, keep in mind that all volunteers must serve a minimum hour requirement and pass a background study (in addition to other screening requirements). To learn more, see our volunteer application process page.

Q: Do you offer internships or shadowing opportunities?
A: No. Individual departments coordinate their own internships. Job shadowing is arranged through our Education Department or Medical Staff Office. Review current internships and observational experiences.

Q: I would like to find employment at St. Cloud Hospital or CentraCare. Does volunteering guarantee me a job?
A: No. All employment is arranged through Human Resources. Learn more about current job openings at CentraCare.

Q: Do you perform background checks on new volunteers?
A: Background checks are completed on all new volunteers and many roles require us to send your information and fingerprints (which we get from you electronically) to the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Q: Does CentraCare require a drug test for volunteers?
A: Yes. All new volunteers are required to complete a drug screen before starting work.

Contact our Volunteer Offices
• CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital: 320-255-5638 | email
• CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospice: 320-240-3276 | email
• CentraCare – Long Prairie: 320-351-1798 | email
• CentraCare – Melrose: 320-352-2221, ext. 21828 | email
• CentraCare – Monticello: 763-271-1372 | email
• CentraCare – Paynesville: 320-243-7750 | email
• CentraCare – Redwood Hospital & Hospice: 507-637-4500, ext. 47482 | email
• CentraCare – Sauk Centre: 320-351-1798 | email
• CentraCare – Willmar: 320-231-4286 | email
• CentraCare – Willmar Hospice: 320-231-4433 | email