CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital Advisory Board

  • Joe Bergstrom
    Joe Bergstrom
    Chief Financial Officer
    Preferred Credit, Inc.
  • Dr. Cabrera
    Shannon R. Cabrera, MD
    CentraCare Eye Center
  • Denise Christie
    Denise Christie, DNP
    CRNA – CentraCare

  • Shonda Craft, PhD
    Dean of School of Health and Human Services
  • portrait of Ryan Daniel
    Ryan Daniel, MBA, WSO-CSE
    Chief Executive Officer,
    St. Cloud Metro Bus
  • portrait of Eileen Dauer
    Eileen Dauer, MD
    Physician, St. Cloud ENT; CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital and Chief of Staff
  • portrait of Jacob Eiler
    Jacob Eiler, MD
    CentraCare Clinic Anesthesiology
  • portrait of Renee Frauendienst
    Renee Frauendienst, RN
    Retired Public Health Division, Director/CHS Administrator
    Stearns County
  • Mary Jepperson
    Mary Jepperson
    Professor, College of
    St. Benedict/St. John’s University
  • Sister Judy Kramer
    Sister Judy Kramer
    Retired Teacher – College of
    St. Benedict/St. John’s University
  • portrait of Joe Mercuri
    Joe Mercuri, MD
    Hospitalist, CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital/CentraCare Clinic; and Section Medical Director, Quality and Safety
  • portrait of Joy Plamann
    Joy Plamann, RN
    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, CentraCare, and President, CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital
  • portrait of Colleen Quinlivan
    Colleen Quinlivan, OSB
    Leadership Team/Community Secretary, Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict
  • portrait of John Schmitz, MD
    John Schmitz, MD
    Psychiatrist, CentraCare; and Physician Director, Behavioral Health
  • portrait of Bob Thueringer
    Bob Thueringer
    Retired COO Coborns, Inc.