How We Got Started

The Bounce Back Project™ was born out of loss when two highly respected and loved physicians died in 2014. These deaths caused us to pause and ask some important questions — not only about how fragile life is, but about the choices we make each day.

A group of physicians and hospital leaders participated in a resilience conference hosted by the Minnesota Hospital Association. At this conference, we learned about a number of tools that promote resiliency and decrease burnout. Our physicians recognized this work held not only personal meaning but would be meaningful for our patients and our communities.

In our first year, more than 6,000 people heard Bounce Back Project™ presentations. Individuals are experiencing renewed purpose and meaning. Our physicians are changing the way they practice medicine.

We recognize these tools make a difference in our own lives. Bounce Back Project™ has given us a way to adjust our outlook. We live our lives experiencing it fully. It’s a journey of courage that has changed our focus and the way we live each day.

Bounce Back Project™ is a partnership of CentraCare & Stellis Health to help individuals in our community improve their health through happiness.