Correctional Care

A New Approach to Making a Difference

CentraCare Health has partnered with Stearns and Benton county officials to provide health care for incarcerated individuals.

David Frenz“CentraCare is pleased to provide medical care, integrated behavioral health, medication therapy management, social services and more for patients who are incarcerated. Correctional
Care is a natural extension of our comprehensive, community-based medical services.”

— David Frenz, MD, primary care physician with special expertise in addiction care and behavioral medicine

The program provides coordinated, cost-effective care to inmates at the jail facilities and in a clinic, upon release.

This innovative correctional-medical partnership includes CentraCare, correctional facilities, local law enforcement, social services, public health, probation, community-based mental health, Veterans Affairs and the National Alliance on Mental Illness organization.

In the St. Cloud area, this collaborative group coordinates care with the goal of reducing re-offense and making an impact on individuals with mental health concerns.

The CentraCare Correctional Care program has served approximately 1,000 inmates in Benton County and 2,854 inmates in Stearns County this past year. After being released from jail, 164 inmates sought care at CentraCare’s Coordinated Care Clinic. The clinic has expanded its hours and is now open five days per week.