Education Partnerships Ensure Future of Healthy Communities

Providing ongoing quality health care to our communities requires CentraCare Health to have highly educated and well-trained staff.

group of employees As the largest employer in the region, CentraCare cannot be successful without its educational partners.

Through collaboration with St. Cloud State University and St. Cloud Technical & Community College as well as other institutions of higher learning in Minnesota, we work together to build the health care workforce to ensure our ability to meet the needs of our communities into the future.

Through our combined efforts, area schools educate and train students in the health care field with CentraCare providing the required clinical experience.

After graduation, many of these students find jobs in the area which helps us to maintain our workforce. Whether it is the phlebotomist who draws your blood for a laboratory test, a radiology tech who takes your X-ray, surgical technicians, nurses or information technology professionals, all are part of the small army of people needed to maintain our ability to serve our family, friends and neighbors.

Working together, we have built strong, healthy communities, but the future remains challenging. We are committed to working with our educational partners to build the workforce we will need to ensure our future success and continue to build healthy, vibrant and welcoming communities for decades to come.

We all contribute to the overall economic and physical well-being of our community — for any of us to succeed, all must be successful.