Mission, Goals & Objectives

Mission Statement
The mission of the St. Cloud Hospital Dietetic Internship is to fully prepare graduates to enter the field as competent, entry-level registered dietitians, with an expertise in medical nutrition therapy, who put the care of people above all in a manner that reflects the healing mission of Jesus.

Program Goals and Objectives

Goal #1: The St. Cloud Hospital Dietetic Internship will prepare graduates to become competent entry-level registered dietitians.

  • Objective #1: 80% of graduates will pass the registration examination on their first attempt.
  • Objective #2: 80% of graduates that seek employment will be employed in dietetics or a related field within 12 months of graduation.
  • Objective #3: 80% of internship participants will complete their dietetic internship within 57 weeks for full-time interns and 90 weeks for part-time interns (150% of internship length).
  • Objective #4: After 12 months of employment, 80% of employed graduates will rate themselves as prepared or well-prepared in performance.
  • Objective #5: 12 months post-graduation, 80% of employees will rank graduates as "meets expectations" or above in their preparation for entry level practice.
  • Objective #6: At least 80% of interns will obtain minimally an average score of 4 on a 5 point scale on their intern evaluations.

Goal #2: The St. Cloud Hospital Dietetic Internship will prepare graduates who demonstrate a commitment to putting the care of people above all.

  • Objective #1: 80% of employers will rank graduates as “meets expectations” or above in standards of patient/client/customer centered care 12 months post-graduation.

Outcomes data for the program objectives listed above will be available upon request. Please contact Sierra Quarnstrom at QuarnstromS@centracare.com.