Child Advocacy Services

Our Mission: Advocating for Abused Children

Central Minnesota Child Advocacy Center logoFor children who have experienced physical, sexual or emotional abuse, they relive their trauma every time they have to tell their story. CentraCare sought to improve this process so that children didn’t have to repeat their story to multiple agencies, multiple times. By establishing the Central Minnesota Child Advocacy Center (CAC) and bringing together a multidisciplinary team, CentraCare and community partners successfully created a “one-stop” approach that’s better for the children.

The mission of the CAC is to provide protection, advocacy, justice and healing to all child abuse victims and their families in Central Minnesota. It works to preserve the dignity and spirit of the child by supporting, advocating for and educating families.

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Our Why

The Child Advocacy Center Process

Innovation Award Winner

The CAC Offers a Range of Services

Services are provided by a skilled and compassionate team that is highly sensitive to the needs of abused children. The CAC:

  • Collaborates with law enforcement, child protection, county attorneys, advocates, mental health and medical professionals in one location so that children no longer need to tell their story of abuse over and over again
  • Works together to ensure that children and their families get access to appropriate medical and mental health services right away
  • Is comprised of a team of professionals from different backgrounds including:
    • Law enforcement
    • Child and family advocates
    • Medical professionals
    • Mental health professionals
    • Prosecuting attorneys
    • Child protection/social workers
  • Is accredited by the National Children’s Alliance, ensuring that comprehensive services are provided in accordance with nationally recognized standards

Services Provided at No Cost to Family

CAC services are provided to families at no cost. As the organization’s main sponsor, CentraCare supports the CAC through financial contributions received from the community.

For more information, contact the Child Advocacy Center:

P: 320-229-5105
F: 320-200-3207

Mailing Address:
1900 CentraCare Circle
Suite 1340
St. Cloud, MN 56303