Memory Care Services

At-Home Care for Patients With Dementia in Central Minnesota

Having a loved one who is experiencing memory loss issues is frightening — for both of you. You need the help and support from professionals who you can trust to guide you through difficult times.

CentraCare Home Health offers professional memory loss assessments at home. We also provide guidance for family members who aid in the patient’s at-home care. Our staff works directly with patients and their families to help identify tips and strategies to help patients maintain their safety, independence and ability to remain at home.

Cognitive memory screening is provided in the comfort of the patient’s home by occupational therapists. Screenings assess the patient’s cognitive and functional ability to perform daily living activities. Our team of professionals collaborate with the patient’s primary care provider.

Signs that memory care services may be needed:

  • Memory loss
  • Increasing forgetfulness
  • Difficulty performing daily tasks (dressing, eating, bathing, toileting, etc.)
  • Problems with language (word finding or inappropriate word use)
  • Disorientation (to time or place)
  • Poor judgment or a change in judgment
  • Misplacing things
  • Mood changes
  • Strange or inappropriate behaviors
  • Change in personality
  • Loss of initiative
  • Depression

Memory Care Services

  • Comprehensive cognitive memory screening, performed by occupational therapists
  • Medication management, guided by registered nurses
  • Assessment of language and daily living activities, provided by speech and physical therapists
  • Referrals to community agencies and resources
  • Education and support for the patient and their caregivers

If you would like to arrange a home health visit, contact us at:
Central Minnesota: 320-259-9375 or 800-835-6610
Southwest Minnesota: 507-637-4579