Wound Care

Treatment for Non-Healing Wounds

Having a wound that won’t heal is stressful. You worry about infection and complications. You need professionals who specialize in helping wounds heal.

Our home wound care nurses monitor and assess wounds in collaboration with your health care provider to offer treatment options for optimal healing.

Our home wound care services include:

  • Complex to simple wounds
  • Gastronomy tubes and other devices
  • VAC (vacuum assisted closure) dressing changes
  • Non-healing ulcers
  • Post-surgical patients

Wound Care Education and Support

  • Our nurses educate the patient and caregiver until they feel confident in performing the wound care treatments alone.
  • Nurses also provide education regarding infection control, signs and symptoms of infection and when to contact your physician.
  • Photos of the wound are taken often to assess healing and track improvements.
  • Our nurses will communicate with the patient’s providers if there are any concerns and will provide guidance with new interventions or medication orders.
  • Nurse visits can continue even after the patient feels comfortable performing the wound treatments to ensure proper healing.

VAC Wound Care

Our nurses are specially trained in VAC dressings changes and oversee the patient’s care.

CentraCare Wound Center

CentraCare Health Home Care works closely with CentraCare Wound Center, collaborating on the latest advanced wound care treatments available in Central Minnesota.

If you would like to arrange a home health visit, contact us at:
Central Minnesota: 320-259-9375 or 800-835-6610
Southwest Minnesota: 507-637-4579