Telehealth, also called virtual health, uses telecommunications technology to connect your CentraCare providers to you virtually in order to evaluate, diagnose and treat your health conditions.

Benefits of Virtual Health Services

  • It increases access to quality care, especially in rural areas.
  • It provides quick response to patient needs, including emergency situations.
  • It reduces patient travel time and provides convenience.

CentraCare Virtual Health offers services throughout Minnesota and in partnership with many organizations. These include:

Video Visits

Video visits are offered through MyChart. Learn more about getting started with a video visit.

Virtual Urgent Care

With Virtual Urgent Care, you can participate in a video visit with an urgent care clinician who can diagnose and treat many common illnesses and conditions. Virtual Urgent care is available 24/7 for patient ages 2 and older.


eClinic is an on-demand service available to patients for common conditions — no appointment needed! Local clinicians diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication for you or your children age 2 or older. We offer online visits 24/7.

eClinic i a 24/7 on-demand care option available to patients for common conditions — no appointment needed! With eClinic, you complete a health questionnaire and receive an online response from a CentraCare clinician within one hour. eClinic is available for patient ages 2 and older.


Patient speaking to physician on monitorCentraCare Neurosciences Stroke Center provides TeleStroke services in communities across central Minnesota. TeleStroke connects local emergency departments with a stroke and vascular neurologist from St. Cloud Hospital. TeleStroke reduces the time it takes to make critical treatment decisions which improves patient outcomes.

Kidney Care

The CentraCare Kidney Program offers a full range of kidney services at locations throughout Central Minnesota. The use of virtual health technologies has enabled Kidney Program providers to offer services at many outreach locations, keeping care close to home for patients.

Behavioral Health Services

To help patients gain access to quality care locally, patients can visit a CentraCare location and meet with expert providers via video conference. And video visits are available for individual Behavioral Health appointments. Learn more

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, virtual health services allow you to be cared for by your local pregnancy team, as well as Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctors in St. Cloud. This service is currently available in Alexandria, Baxter and Monticello.

Weight Management

As part of CentraCare Weight Management services, adults and children always can get ongoing support. Ask us about our virtual health coaching.