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Milk Depot

CentraCare is proud to offer milk depot locations in Long Prairie, Monticello and St. Cloud. Milk depots allow registered donors to drop off breast milk to be pasteurized by the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies (MMBB) for use in settings including NICUs, adoption and more!

Milk banks provide a much-needed service that supports the long-term health and wellness of babies in need. Once donors complete the no-cost screening and registration process with the MMBB, they can donate breast milk to any of our convenient locations. What an amazing, lifesaving gift!

Milk depots are an example of CentraCare’s commitment to partnering with the community to provide comprehensive care the supports wellness at every stage of life.

Learn how to become a registered milk bank donor (PDF)

Milk Depot Locations:
CentraCare Plaza in St. Cloud, call 320-251-2700, ext. 51990 – Donations accepted by appointment
CentraCare – Monticello, call 763-271-2218 – Donations accepted 24/7
CentraCare – Long Prairie, call 320-732-7290 – Donations accepted by appointment

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