Grade School 5-12

Mental Well-being Resources for Parents

A child’s ability to focus, follow directions and control emotions along with their physical ability develops quickly during grade school. It is important to reinforce good behavior through praise and clear limits, so that your child knows what to expect. Your child will become more independent, overcome challenges, and cross many developmental milestones, but it is still important to connect and communicate often.

Talk one-on-one with your child as much as you can, whether it's at bedtime, during mealtimes, or on car rides. Another way to connect is by playing board games together. Games help develop important social, emotional, and cognitive skills, such as taking turns, staying focused, remembering the rules and making decisions. Games also help children practice managing emotions through wins and losses. Choose games that align with their skill levels so that the games are slightly challenging, but not too frustrating.

Having fun and playing together is a great way to relieve stress and promote a feeling of well-being for both you and your child!