Teen 12-18

Mental Well-being Resources for Parents

Adolescence is a sensitive time for physical, social, and emotional growth. These changes may make youth more vulnerable to mental health concerns. At this stage, teens are learning to respond and adapt to daily stress, pressures, challenges, and demands at a time when their brains are not fully developed. Managing feelings and behaviors, adopting healthy habits and routines, and developing flexibility and coping skills all impact their mental wellness. And like physical health, improving mental wellness takes deliberate effort.

You have an opportunity to be a role model and coach for adolescents — they learn from what they see you do. For example, how you cope with feelings like frustration and distress influences how they regulate their emotions. It is through a state of mental well-being that adolescents can effectively problem solve, manage difficult feelings, adapt to change, build healthy relationships, feel good about themselves and feel happy with life.

Is your teen close to graduating from high school and transitioning to becoming an adult?

Check out our Young Adult page for more support on how to help transition your child and continue to build their mental wellness as they grow into adulthood.