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Non-Surgical Weight Loss Services in Central Minnesota

At CentraCare Weight Management, we offer a variety of non-surgical (medical), evidence-based approaches for helping men and women achieve weight loss or weight maintenance. These approaches can range from meal plans and coaching to medications. At your first visit, you will meet a doctor/advanced practice provider and a registered dietitian to create a personalized weight loss plan that might include the options below.

What are my non-surgical weight loss program options?

  • Monthly provider visits to monitor progress, manage medications and oversee lab results
  • Health coaching visits for accountability and motivation by a personal coach. These visits can be one-on-one, group or by video.
  • Shared medical appointments
  • Personalized meal plans developed with a registered dietitian that you and your whole family will love
  • A structured exercise program made up of activities you enjoy managed by an exercise specialist
  • Weight loss medications
  • Meal alternative products
  • Meal plans for items you traditionally find in the grocery store

How much does your medical weight loss program cost?

There is no enrollment fee for our program. Provider and dietitian visits, in most cases, are covered by insurance. We do offer optional services and products for a fee.

What are the benefits of coaching visits?

Since weight loss is hard to achieve on your own, in-person or virtual coaching visits are an extremely effective strategy during weight loss. Personal coaches provide regular, ongoing support, motivation and accountability. At CentraCare Weight Management, we have coaches available for nutrition, behavior and exercise.

Can I do a “natural” weight loss program?

CentraCare Weight Management emphasizes the importance of developing eating habits that will encourage weight loss while meeting your specific needs. We are sensitive to preferences for organic foods, vegan or vegetarian, prepared or packaged foods, and individuals with allergies or sensitivities. We will work with you to develop a meal plan that will mesh with your personal preferences.

How are pre-packaged, proportioned food products used in your program?

CentraCare Weight Management can assist with meal plans for products traditionally found in grocery stores (whole foods). We also offer plans for pre-packaged foods known as meal alternative products. These products are evidence-based interventions that are safe and effective for weight loss. People often find success with these products because they are portion-controlled, satiating and convenient to use. Many of our patients choose meal alternative programs for the initial weight loss phase, transitioning fully or partially to a grocery food-based program later. The choice of program is up to you and it will be discussed by one of our providers during the initial consultation.

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