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For your convenience and to take the guesswork out of the best type of nutritional products and vitamins to purchase, CentraCare Weight Management provides you with the links below so you can quickly access our online store.

New Direction Nutrition Products

Why should you choose our New Direction Nutrition products?

  • They are designed for safe and effective weight loss under a doctor's supervision.
  • They contain everything needed for safe, long-term use as a person's sole source of nutrition.
  • They have 100% of the vitamin and mineral daily requirements.
  • They meet basic needs for carbohydrates and fats.
  • They provide a ketosis-promoting balance of protein and carbohydrates.
  • They offer complete protein with a protein digestibility-corrected amino acid (PDCAA) score of 1.0 — the perfect ratio of amino acids for human needs.
  • The products are readily available.
  • They come in a variety of flavors and textures.

You can order these weight management meal alternative products securely and conveniently online. You must be currently enrolled in our weight management program to purchase items. If you have questions, contact us for more information.

Visit the store today.

Celebrate Vitamins

CentraCare Weight Management has partnered with Celebrate Vitamins to offer you an option to purchase high-quality supplements.

Celebrate Vitamins specializes in bariatric vitamins and nutritional supplements for people who are either losing weight under the care of a doctor or have had (or will be having) a surgical weight loss procedure. Their products have been developed based on the most current scientific research and are designed to enhance absorption, taste great and be easy on the stomach. You can have them shipped to your home from the Celebrate Vitamins website.

Phone: 320-240-2828
Email: weightmgmt@centracare.com

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