Pediatric Weight Management

Weight loss for kids in Minnesota

As parents, we want our children to enjoy a long, healthy life. Poor eating habits and too little activity at a young age can have long-term health effects that can carry into adulthood. The CentraCare Pediatric Weight Management Program can set up your child for success by helping your family find joy in mealtimes and healthy movement.

Why Choose the CentraCare Pediatric Weight Management Program?

  • Our team includes doctors board certified in obesity medicine, advanced practice practitioners and registered dietitians.
  • Our program offers appointments in St. Cloud, Monticello or Willmar. Video visits are available.
  • We received special training in techniques to help kids and teens manage their weight. This means that we factor in mental and physical developmental stages. We also use language suited to the age of the child when talking about health and behavioral changes.
  • Our approach to behavior change includes the entire family. We look at family dynamics and all household members before making recommendations. Working on changes as a household leads to better support and more success.
  • This program is exclusively insurance billed. Your out-of-pocket cost will depend on your child's insurance plan.

To schedule an appointment with us, please complete this short form on the behalf of your child and we will call you to schedule. If your child has a MyChart account, watch for a communication there. Not a MyChart User? Sign up today!

How to talk to kids about weight loss?

Talking to a child about weight can be a sensitive topic and a challenge for parents. Our goal is to help your child have a healthy body, but our focus will be on lifestyle changes, rather than weight loss, to support self-esteem and body positivity. Read these talking points and conversation starters to help prepare your child for your upcoming appointment.

When should I be concerned about my child's weight?

We don’t have a magic number for when you should be concerned about your child’s weight. However, doctors often compare a child’s height and weight to determine future risk for medical problems. Yearly visits with your child's pediatrician/primary care doctor can allow you to review these numbers and track your child's trends over time. Read these tips for when to know it’s time to discuss your child’s weight with a doctor.

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