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If you have a heart problem, you might have been told to make lifestyle changes. But, where do you start? You may be afraid to exercise. Or, you may think you can no longer eat foods you love.

That’s where Cardiac Rehabilitation can help! Our team will learn more about you and then provide suggestions to help you meet your goals and reduce your risk of future heart problems.

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Being an avid bow hunter, Dan was preparing for the fall 2018 deer season like he had in years past. Oddly, he didn't have his normal amount of energy. At first, he blamed the lack of energy on getting older, but the thought that "something wasn't right" alarmed him.
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Why choose us?

  • Our medically supervised program will give you tips on exercise, diet, stress and other health related topics.
  • Our St. Cloud location offers Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehab (ICR). Compared to traditional cardiac rehab, Pritikin ICR offers twice the number of sessions, which focus on safe, effective exercise, a healthy eating plan and a healthy mind-set. Pritikin’s focus is practical, real-world skills like cooking classes, supermarket shopping, food label reading and dining out.
  • The St. Cloud location is AACVPR certified.
  • St. Cloud offers metabolic (calorimetry) testing. This test shows how many calories are burned at rest. The results further specify your nutrition and exercise needs.
  • Dietitians will meet with you to create a meal plan personalized to your taste and lifestyle. Try some of these heart-healthy recipes

Are you a good fit for cardiac rehab?

  • Heart attack (within the last 12 months)
  • Stable angina
  • Cardiac artery bypass surgery
  • Heart valve repair or replacement
  • Coronary artery angioplasty or stents
  • Heart failure
  • Heart transplant

Talk to your doctor if you feel you fit the criteria above.

What is the cost?

Outpatient cardiac rehab (phase II) is largely covered by health insurance. Check with your health plan.

Cardiac Rehab locations:

  • CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center
  • CentraCare - Long Prairie Hospital
  • CentraCare - Melrose
  • CentraCare - Paynesville
  • CentraCare - Sauk Centre
  • Carris Health - Rice Memorial Hospital
  • Carris Health - Redwood Hospital
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Featured Patient Story

Bryant B's Story Cardiac Rehabilitation Patient Story
"Running a half marathon is challenging. Running it after experiencing a near-fatal heart condition and being placed on a heart transplant list is a whole different story."
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