Birthing Services at CentraCare – Long Prairie

We are pleased to offer exceptional birthing services in Long Prairie personalized to your needs.

You have the option of choosing to use the services of a physician or a certified nurse midwife to deliver your baby.

Certified nurse midwives are licensed health care practitioners who are qualified to administer drugs, perform medical procedures and provide other technological interventions. We were one of the first hospitals in Minnesota to offer this service. Learn more about our Nurse Midwife Services

Special Features of Care

  • Private birthing suites allowing mothers to stay in the same room from delivery to discharge
  • Large rooms with private baths, whirlpool tubs, sleeper sofas
  • Whirlpool tubs allow women to deliver their babies by underwater birth
  • Birthing beds designed to convert to a seated position to comfortably support mothers during breastfeeding
  • Sleeper sofas that convert into a comfortable bed for the significant other
  • Newborn Hearing Screening
  • Complimentary dinner for new parents
  • Free wireless internet service
  • 32-inch flat screen TVs

CentraCare Milk Depot
By having a milk depot, CentraCare – Long Prairie helps to ensure that medically vulnerable babies in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest have access to safely pasteurized human donor milk when a mother’s own milk is unavailable or in low supply. Donations are sent to the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies to be pasteurized, tested for bacteria, frozen, stored and shipped to health care facilities in need.

Review breastfeeding and milk depot resources and read milk depot frequently asked questions.
• For more information on the milk depot at CentraCare – Long Prairie, call 320-732-7290.

Before Week 28 of Your Pregnancy

Please send in this preregistration form to the hospital as soon as possible, but no later than week 28. Put in a stamped envelope and mail to CentraCare – Long Prairie, 20 Ninth Street Southeast, Long Prairie, MN 56347.

Check with your health plan about your readmission requirements, length of stay and other concerns.

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Additional Services for Women

Minnesota Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Program

For women over age 40 without insurance or whose insurance does not cover preventive care, the Minnesota Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Program will pay for annual exams, including Pap smears, breast exams and mammograms, for women who qualify. Follow-up evaluation of abnormal Pap smears or mammogram reports is provided in the grant with specified physicians.

Lactation Support Services

The midwives are lactation consultants and are available by phone or appointment for consultation concerning breastfeeding questions and problems. They coordinate an electric breast pump rental service, if needed for emergencies.

Featured Patient Story

St. Cloud Hospital Delivers with Pasteurized Donor Human Milk Long Prairie Patient Story
"For mothers who want to exclusively breastfeed, pasteurized donor human milk allows moms to work on milk supply while still offering an opportunity to bond with baby."
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