Birthing Services at CentraCare - St. Cloud Hospital

We want your baby to have the best possible start. For this reason, we are ready to support you and your baby with our high-risk pregnancy clinic, birthing center and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Why use birthing services at St. Cloud Hospital?

Family Birthing Center at St. Cloud Hospital

Experts in high-risk pregnancies — We built our services for all types of births. If faced with a high-risk pregnancy or premature birth, we can coordinate your complete care – from early pregnancy to the early weeks of baby's life.

CentraCare - Maternal Fetal Medicine - This clinic supports the needs of women who have high-risk pregnancies. Learn more.

Family Birthing Center — Each year we bring nearly 3,000 little miracles into the world. See why so many women choose to have their babies at St. Cloud Hospital and take a video tour.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit — We are the only hospital in Central Minnesota with a level III NICU, meaning we have the ability to care for the tiniest and sickest of infants.

Proximity of services — We are one of only a few hospitals in Minnesota to have all the above birthing services just footsteps away from one another. This arrangement allows specialists to more easily work together on your care and helps you to learn more about any needed services.

Bravo Baby — These childbirth and newborn care education classes were designed to fit your lifestyle. Sign up for a class today!

CentraCare Milk Depot - Now Open!
CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital has opened a milk depot, helping to ensure that medically vulnerable babies in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest have access to safely pasteurized human donor milk when a mother’s own milk is unavailable or in low supply. Donations will be sent to the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies to be pasteurized, tested for bacteria, frozen, stored and shipped to health care facilities in need. Fore more information on the CentraCare Milk Depot, call 320-251-2700, ext. 51990. Review Milk Depot frequently asked questions.

View Preregistration and Birth Certificate Forms

For parents expecting to deliver at St. Cloud Hospital, please complete and return this form as soon as possible — but no later than week 28.

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