Tiny Infants, Big Stories

Each day, mothers give birth to healthy babies at St. Cloud Hospital — each a success story of its own. But some pregnancies and births have special circumstances or are more challenging, requiring special attention and services.

Here are several of these stories:

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Birth Center

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


Blue Band Initiative
Preeclampsia — chronic or new onset high blood pressure — effects up to 10% of expectant mothers and is responsible for 10-15% of all maternal deaths in the U.S. And it affects minorities disproportionately.

The Blue Band Initiative aims to improve awareness and recognition of preeclampsia within our communities. To learn more, review Eunice's story.

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Featured Patient Story

St. Cloud Hospital Delivers with Pasteurized Donor Human Milk Patient Stories Patient Story
"For mothers who want to exclusively breastfeed, pasteurized donor human milk allows moms to work on milk supply while still offering an opportunity to bond with baby."
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