Art Therapy

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is the process of using art to release emotions and stress.

How does art therapy benefit people recovering from cancer treatment?

Art therapy benefits people recovering from cancer as it can be a modality that is calming and soothing as well as get our minds off of our worries and get us into the present moment.

Therapy Through Passion and Heart
Sharon’s life went through a major upheaval when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. She started attending the art therapy classes at Coborn Healing Center as a distraction from the surrounding medical problems in her life. The classes not only reawakened her desire to create art, but also helped her face her fears and to look at life differently.
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What do you do in art therapy?

We explore many mediums of art in art therapy; painting, drawing, collage, clay, plaster and much more. The main goal of art therapy truly is to find a calm space to feel heard, to gain support and to feel better about yourself. In art therapy we find release and respite from all the things that cancer has robbed us from and sometimes having a safe place to NOT talk about cancer is healing in itself. If someone leaves feeling better when they first arrived to art therapy, then it is considered a success!

Do you need to be an artist or have an interest in being an artist?

No art talent or experience is necessary to attend art therapy, however, an intrigue in trying new things and exploring art materials is encouraged. Art therapy isn’t about mastering being “good” at art, but just using art to find solace in our lives. It’s important to know that when involved in the art therapy process, the art product is less important than the process of the art making. Through art therapy, my hopes is that attendants gain more insight about themselves and a path for greater healing.

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