Cancer Treatment Team

Multiple Experts Work Together to Provide a Personalized Plan

After you’ve received a cancer diagnosis, rest assured that our team of specialists will work collaboratively to create a highly-personalized care plan. This includes experts from medical and radiation oncology, hematology, surgery, pathology, pharmacy, nursing, nutrition and rehabilitation.

A cancer care coordinator plays a key role in making sure everything goes smoothly. They’ll answer any questions you have, and support and guide you throughout your course of treatment. They also will provide direct support and access to resources such as chaplains, family counselors, support groups, cosmetic services, psychological services, cancer rehabilitation services, therapists and end-of-life care.

The cancer treatment team also includes a registered dietitian who can help you maintain your weight and stay healthy throughout your treatment. They are available to discuss complementary nutrition therapies, dietary supplements, and guidance on how to integrate them into your care plan, if appropriate.

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