Radiation Oncology

Treatment Close to Home

Cancer is a complex, challenging illness that is unique to each person. Our goal is to provide you with the personalized care you need, close to home.

Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays to slow or stop a cancer tumor from growing. Modern technology lets doctors treat tumors precisely while sparing much of the healthy tissue around the tumor. Radiation therapy can cure cancer, keep it from spreading, slow cancer growth or ease symptoms.

We provide radiation oncology services at the CentraCare - Willmar Cancer Center.

What is Radiation Therapy?

The term radiation therapy most often refers to external beam radiation therapy. High-energy beams come from a machine that aims the beams at a precise point on your body. During a different type of radiation treatment called brachytherapy, radiation is placed inside your body. CentraCare - Willmar Cancer Center uses state-of-the-art linear accelerator, advanced imaging approaches, and high-speed computer-based systems – to deliver powerful doses of radiation directly to the tumor with incredible precision. Our radiation team works together to offer the highest level of safety during every step of your treatment.

Side effects of radiation therapy depend on which part of your body is being exposed to radiation and how much radiation is used. Advances in the precision of radiation therapy has lessened the risk of complications, still you may experience side effects. Most side effects are temporary, can be controlled and generally disappear over time once treatment has ended.

If radiation is appropriate for you, our radiation oncologist will provide education on the different types of radiation treatment options.

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