Cancer Treatment Services

Offering a Full Range of Options

The most successful cancer treatment may include one or more options, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The treatment options your doctor recommends depend on the type and stage of cancer, possible side effects, personal preferences and overall health. A customized treatment plan is developed based on the collaborative input from different doctors and specialists.

We know that dealing with cancer can be overwhelming for everyone involved, so we work to provide ongoing education and support for patients and their families.


Chemotherapy and infusion therapy are available for patients who are receiving care from a CentraCare physician or from a physician not affiliated with CentraCare.

We recognize the importance of comfort for those receiving chemotherapy. We provide open and semi-private rooms that include recliners, TVs, DVD players, WiFi and snacks. You’ll receive education about your chemotherapy from registered nurses, who also will closely monitor you during treatment.


If radiation is appropriate for you, our radiation oncologist will provide education on the different types of radiation treatment options. CentraCare - Willmar Cancer Center uses a state-of-the-art linear accelerator, advanced imaging approaches and high-speed computer-based systems to ensure that powerful doses of radiation are applied to the tumor with incredible precision. Our radiation team works together to offer the highest level of safety during every step of your treatment.

Lab and Pathology

An onsite lab ensures that lab and pathology results are available quickly for the rapid evaluation of patients.

Genetic Counseling

If you or a close relative has had cancer, you may be concerned about your own or your family’s risk for getting cancer. A genetic counselor can let you know what can be done to reduce your risk of cancer. For more information about genetic counseling, please call 320-231-4570.

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