Spiritual & Emotional Support

Courage for Caregivers Retreat

This retreat offers caregivers a day away to renew the energies and callings of caregiving and reflect on the belovedness they share with the people they care for. This retreat experience invites caregivers to share their stories, and the workbook invites reflections on the gifts of caregiving that bring restoration for the season that lies ahead.

Emotional Support

Need to talk with someone? Get help when:

  • Struggling with a cancer diagnosis.
  • Concerns anxiety or depression may be getting in the way of cancer treatments.
  • Preparing for end-of-life and need a safe place to talk, gain support, process feelings and a space to grieve.
  • Caregiver struggling with feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed.
  • Referrals are needed to mental health or additional community support resources.
  • Crisis intervention.

Grief/Bereavement Support

When you lose a loved one to cancer, we’re here to help. This 8-week series includes time for personal sharing, education on a topic related to grief, resilience and identifying healthy ways of coping.

Spiritual wellness classes discuss:

  • Self-Compassion: In this session we’ll slow down, cultivate mindfulness, recognize our common suffering and practice offering ourselves kindness and compassion.
  • Forgiveness: We are often told to “forgive and forget” but does that advice free us from our suffering? In this session we’ll explore our resistance to forgiveness, including forgiving ourselves and learn an 8-step process toward healing and new life.
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACEs): What are ACEs? How do they affect our adult life? How do we begin to change our thinking about the things we have learned as a child?
  • Spirituality: What is spirituality, and how can I engage mine to live more fully? How does my spirituality equip me to face the losses sustained due to challenging circumstances in my life and the resulting grief I experience due to these losses?

Your Story

Guided by a CSB/SJU student-partner, writing prompts are explored, together in Your Story — our creative writing program . Examples could include writing about your wedding day, first car or the birth of a child and — with your student-partners’ help — turning this experience into a poem or short story! This is a free service available at Coborn Healing Center for people with cancer and their caregivers. To request an appointment, call 320-229-5100.

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