Why Choose CentraCare for Cancer Care?

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Coborn Cancer Center provides comprehensive care and an extensive range of treatment options to support cancer patients and their families. Our skilled professionals achieve outstanding clinical outcomes while making sure you have the best experience possible. This is accomplished by:

  • Following “best practice” standards to ensure that you receive the highest quality care and best possible outcomes
  • Ensuring that you have access to all the latest cancer screenings, diagnostic tests and treatments
  • Providing chemotherapy and related services together at one location
  • Using leading-edge, innovative radiation therapies to slow or stop a cancer tumor from growing and to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible
  • Giving you access to research and clinical trials
  • Making sure your care is coordinated with a comprehensive team of experts, minimizing the time between diagnosis and treatment, and ensuring experts work together to provide a personalized plan of treatment
  • Providing mind, body and spiritual support throughout your cancer journey through the Coborn Healing Center
  • Considering you an important member of the team so you can participate in decisions about your care
  • We monitor indicators and outcomes and compare our results to national data. Our five-year survival rates often are better than national survival rates.

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Coborn Cancer Center, a service of St. Cloud Hospital, is a regional cancer center of the highest quality. We have earned program certification of Commendation and an Outstanding Achievement Award as a Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Program from American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (CoC).

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Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic
The Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic (MCC) is designed to minimize the time between cancer diagnosis and treatment. Program features include:

• A process that leads to improved safety, better patient experience, higher quality outcomes and lower cost of care.
• In a single visit, patients meet with a team of experts in a comforting environment.
• Patient and care team together select a personalized, unified treatment plan.

For new patient consults, contact Coborn Cancer Center at 320-229-5199, ext. 70698.

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